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Dual Times is a family owned Pre-owned Watch Trading and Vintage and Auction standard Watch brokering company which offers brand name watches at discounted price. Our company has been in business since 1998, Our e-commerce Sourcing department opened in 2013, and we have offices in the heart of New York City and Phoenix, Arizona. Our aim is to provide you an excellent experience in high-end watch trade while maintaining great prices & exemplary customer service. We stand behind our products with up to a two-year warranty on watches and a 30-day money back guarantee on every item. All of our products are Certified Pre-owned, professionally serviced and authentic. We also guarantee the authenticity of all Dual Times merchandise sold on this website. We buy our watches from individuals, authorized dealers, respected industry wholesalers, and distributors; Every single watch we buy, go through a dynamic multi-step authentication process before we re-sale.  We have no pricing restrictions. In turn, we pass the massive savings on to you.  Learn how we authenticate watches.

Since Dual Times Corp. has not sold our products according to into the manufacturer pricing guidelines, we cannot give a manufacturer warranty with the product. A manufacturer warranty card may not be issued or may not have an authorized dealer stamp. Every watch sold on our website serviced through our Dual Times service center. Please refer to our warranty section for 2 Year Warranty Information.

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