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Every Watch begins with Market Research

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When we receive your request to sell your watch, our evaluation team use live data from 3 major marketplaces and our own historic data from the last 2 years to assess the current price value for every watch. For some exclusive timepieces, we extend our research back to 5 Years of sales and retail data through industry gold standard software.


We match Specific Model Pricing with Our Competitors

Competitor pricing

We provide the most competitive prices in the industry and pay within 48 hours from your acceptance of our free no-obligation appraisal. If you look closely at the chart, you will realize that competitors that offered more prices than we are, Just marketplaces. Marketplaces that have added their consignor fees & Transaction fees into selling price will not pay you full price, but a reduce price. They also don’t guarantee the payment until they sell, After all, it’s not Hustle-free or worry free transaction that benefits you right away when you need money.


We re-evaluate our offer with competitors


Finally, based on the all the attributes and our expert knowledge on the current market, we decide an exact price for the watch that matches the most accurate market value. We set the standard for professional courtesy and communication quality. We will pay to ship your watch to our offices for a free no-obligation appraisal. If we cannot come to an agreement regarding value, we will ship it back to you at no cost.

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